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My First Ride In A Bus

Last year during the Eid ul Fitr Holidays I went to Karachi for the first time. There I put up with my friend who accompanied me wherever I went. One day I showed desire to have a ride in a bus. But as he had not time. He gave me detailed instructions about the route of the bus its number and its destination.


To hike means a walk or camp specially taking part in an organized walking for pleasure. From the meaning that is attached to the word. It will be seen that there have been hiking and hikers for centuries amongst us but hiking is a word that hs recently come into use. Although the activity that is represented by it has been there for a long time.

Pleasure Of Traveling

Traveling is a great source of knowledge. It has also much educational value. While traveling a person meets different persons visits different places. In this way he increases his knowledge. Many educational institutions organize educational tours for their students. In the western countries traveling among the young boys and girls is a very popular pastime.

A Walk In A Moon Lit Night

Moon-lit Night is always beautiful and charming. Every one like to have a walk in a moon-lit night. One day we set out after meals to have a stroll near the fields. It was a hot summer evening and it was difficult to go to sleep. The wind was very faint and it being a full moon night and as bright as bright almost a day. We were irresistibly drawn to walk a little before lying down for sleep. Near our house there are fields through which a road runs leading to gardens beyond. We decided to go to garden.

English Essay

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