Essays About Myself | How I Celebrate My Birthday
Some people celebrate their birthdays. In fact this is one of the ways to collect friends of a short time and have a nice meeting. On birthdays the friends and relatives present gifts. Gifts increase our love for others naturally. Everyone gets a chance to exchange views and ideas as well. My birthday is an important day in my life as well as in the Birthday of Pakistan. I was born on 23rd of March. It is the day when Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore at Minar e Pakistan.

My mother has noted down the exact time and got a horoscope prepared from a good astrologer. But it is all for the parents fro me it is only day when I am made to feel important. When the Jawans drawn from the three forced prepare for a ceremonial march I am also busy in issuing invitation cards arranging games and decorating the drawing room I have left certain thins entirely to my sister For example it is for her to decorate the cards and write addresses in a very beautiful hand writing. She invites her friends also to join the party. My father has as very different notion about the celebration of my birthday.

Last year he had taken me to an orphanage and made me contribute rupees one thousand to their welfare fund. This year he intends to take me to school for the blind. My friends start showing in around 4 pm. I receive every one of them with warmth and make them sit comfortably in drawing room. They bring gifts for me nicely packed in coloured wrappers. My uncle who lives in Karachi sends me a beautiful gift every year.

This year again I hope to get something nice from him When all the friends gather round my mother brings cake in the drawing room. The candles are lit on its corners As my friend sing Happy Birthday she blows off the candles and brings a knife to carve out small pieces. Everyone wishes me separately as he is served with a piece of cake. Some snacks are also ready. My sister helps my mother in serving them to my friends.

The gifts are piled up in one corner and we all get ready to play the games. Every game seems to be full of fun. They all roar with laughter. The lengthening shadows of the evening remind us that we have to wind up. The friends who come from far off places start taking leave. It is the turn of my father to drive me to some place or misery in the city. He wants that I should remember all those people as my brothers and sisters and help them in their hour of need. So we go somewhere every year. This is how I celebrate my birthday.
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