how i spent last sunday

Sunday is a holiday and there is a holiday in our school as well. Holiday is a day of rejoice and refreshment. Everyone wishes to spent it in a different way. Different people do different things on the same day.

Essays About Myself | How I Spent Last Sunday

Some people sleep late at night on Saturday and get up very late on Sunday. Some people do house hold things on the very day. Some people visit their friends and relations. It is natural that when it is Thursday every body is excited because he knows that the next day is a Sunday and he would be enjoying a holiday. Everybody plans to spend this day after his own choice or requirement. I also spend this day in a special way usually different from routine. I usually go home on Sunday and do different things. My home is about three kilometers from my school. I usually go to school by bus or van.

But last Saturday my friends and I decided to have a cycle trip to Gujranwala on Sunday. On Thursday night we made all the arrangements. We got our cycles checked and ironed our clothes. I sent one of my friends to bazaar for necessary shopping.

We made a plan to leave early in the morning. So before going to bed everything was done. Last Sunday we got up early in the morning cleaned our bicycles and put on our best clothes. We took some milk and sweets and left for Gujranwala. On the way we saw farmers working in the fields and cattle grazing in the pastures. We had some difficulty in crossing small streams that levy in the way.

After three hours ride we reached Gujranwala safe and sound. We cycled to a hotel and had a nice meal there. Then we made a round to the town. We saw the Sheesh Mahal. The Government college the islamia college the police grounds and the district courts.

The Sheesh Mahal is a very grand building. It attracts a large number of visitors from every part of the province. At 1 P.M. we went to the Friends Cinema where enjoyed the picture called "Pukar". We set out of the school at 4:30 p.m. We reached the school hostel safely at 7:30 p.m. So I had a very happy Sunday indeed.

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