Essays About Myself | If I Were A Dictator
Dictator is a person who has all powers and authority in the country. He is the main fountain head of power in the state. He needs not consult anyone. His decision is the last one. He is just like a king but more powerful than a king. That is why I would like to become a dictator. Cromwell, Napoleon, Bismarck are the names of immortal in the history of Europe.

Their names are at once great and awe-inspiring. Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler are considered bigger edition of those illustrious heroes. The former trio reached the height before the coming of democracy the letter trio brought dictatorship. When I think of what they have done for their countries, I am also tempted to think of dictatorship in Pakistan.

There is no charm in kingship or in being the president. If only I were a dictator of Pakistan for some years. First of all I would issue an ordinance to put down communal spirit throughout the country. Discussions and criticism on religious basis would be banned. Under ordinary circumstances I would not however interfere with the private religion of individuals. At the same time I would introduce of Lingua Franca throughout the length and breadths of Pakistan. It would mean some trouble, but great reforms are never made in a easy chair.

Thus unity of Pakistan would be achieved within a short time without any delay.As far as administration is concerned I shall have to go in for drastic changes I shall continue the legislatures but their system of election will have to be changed. I shall continue the cabinet system but it shat be under my control.

I shall to look to the details of administration and shall discourage bribery and corruption. During my period the social evil would be removed. After it I would pay attention to economic changes. Like Russia I shall prepare a five year plan for the economic reconstruction of Pakistan. Rural industries will be encouraged. Establishment on new industries will be encouraged by me with direct or indirect help.

I shall take special care to develop the shipping industry. Canals will be dug railwy will be constructed and aerodrome will be built. I shall appoint a committee to supervise the production of goods and so establish co ordination in various industries. I do not want to imitate Bolshevism, Fascism or Nazism, but at the same time I shall see that no person will go without food or clothing any day. Public would be looked after properly. They would have the sense of security. There are many social problem in our society.

The only cure is strong handed policy. Expenses on social functions will be brought to the minimum. Polygamy will be stopped. Side by side I shall revise the present educational curriculum. Technical schools and colleges will be opened at important centers. Education will be made compulsory and illiteracy will be made a penal office.

Every town and village will be required to have a library and a dispensary. The state will undertake to provide well equipped hospitals in every district. No one will be allowed to beg in the streets but at the same time the state will make sufficient provision for the needy and the poor. The Govt. would look after their problems and help them. I would like to have better foreign policy. I would not follow the other dictators. My foreign policy will not be I the least aggressive.

I shall have a strong and well equipped army in Pakistan. But world peace will be my first consideration. I shall not hanker after colonies nor shall I try to get wealth from other countries by the force of arms. I would prepare to establish peace not only in my country but all over the world. The whole world would enjoy place.