Essays About Myself | My Best Friend
A good friend is a sincere person on whom we can depend in the time of need. A good friend is also a source of happiness. But now-a-days the word friendship is used very loosely. Generally all the person whom we call our friends are not in reality our friends. They are simply our acquaintances. A true friend on the other hand shares both our joys and sorrows. He is our true adviser and well wisher.

I am very fortunate that I have such a friend. His name is Ahmad Ali. He is my best friend. He is my friend since we were studying in the primary school. We have studied together all these years. He lives just near my hours. Most of our time we spend together in our studies and games. My best friend belongs to a very noble and rich family. But he is not proud of his father's wealth or property. His father is a big government contractor. His mother is also an educated lady with a very sweet nature.

His parents love me much whenever I go to their house. They consider me just like their son. Similarly my parents also love hi much. We always study together and exchange our books with each other. My friend Ahmad Ali is a brilliant student. He always stands first in the class and I stand second. We study with a sense of competition without any tinge of jealousy. We also play together. We are both considered to be the best hockey players in our school. Although my friend belongs to a very rich family. Yet he has very simple habits. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He does not wear very gaudy dresses. He is always dressed in simple but neat clothes.

He is very handsome and possesses an athletic physique. He is also a monitor of our class. All the teachers like him. He is quite popular among the students also. He never quarrels with the class fellows. He always tries to help the poor students. He teaches them in his spare time and also lends him books to them. If a poor student is unable to pay his school fee he also pays it gladly. My friend has won several prizes in games as well as studies. Once he won several prizes of Rs.1000/- in an essay competition but he donated it to the poor student's fund of our school. He always tries to keep away from bad company. But he never hates any one.

He rather tries to reform the bad boys also. Whenever there is any quarrel in the class he tries to settle it amicably. We both are proud of our ideal friendship. We want to make it an ideal and a long lasting friendship. We never quarrel with each other. Although many students try to create misunderstanding between us but we always understand their jealousy. Our aim in life is to pursue higher study and become good citizens of our country.