Essays About Myself | My Feelings On Getting Low Marks
Feelings are a strange thing. When man is happy, he feels good and when something goes against his temperament he feels bad. Thus at different times man has different feelings. The students have strange feelings while taking the examination. An examination is at best a gamble but after taking an examination we know slightly what we can except.

I had worked hard for the examination. I had done my papers well. I was quite confident that I would get a high 1st division . There was a sneaking hope in my mind that I might get a merit position. I waited anxiously for the results. On the day the results were to come I reached school well before time. As soon as the results were put on the board I hunted for my roll number.

I had secured a first division but just scrapped through in it. I could not believe it. How could I get such low marks? All my answers were correct. Then how had I scored only 80% marks in mathematics? And how the hell I could get barely forty five marks in social studies? I was very good in it. It was all beyond me. I felt cheated. At first I felt like crying. In desperation I could have committed suicide.

All my hard work had gone waste and then secured in me such a rage that I could have torn my examiners in pieces. If only I could lay my hands on them what did they mean by giving me such low marks? I deserved better. They probably evaluated my papers after a quarrel or in a bad mood. But why should I be made to suffer? I felt shy of facing my friends and teachers.

Gradually anger and shame gave way to a dull acceptance of my fate. My parents comforted me by telling that there are other examinations. Moreover first division is not so bad that I should feel so miserable. What cannot be mended must be endured. Anyway time is a great healer. I also kept quiet.
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