Essays About Myself | When The Parents Are Angry
To lose the temperament is natural to man. When something goes against man's nature he loses temperament. So is with my parents. My parents are very gentle but they are not angels. They get angry sometimes but it is for a very short while. The anger of mother and father is of different type. Whereas my mother gets angry very often, my father is cool and calm.

My mother is working lady and has to work on two fronts. She has to cook food clean the kitchen and wash the clothes. She has also to reach office early. She gets tired and irritated. I know her mood and when she starts snubbing my father. I bolt myself in the bath room. When she cools down I come out silently as if nothing had happened. She has the habit of nagging every one. I have got used to it. When mother works hard in the kitchen my father sits in the drawing room quite relaxed. My father gets angry once in year on some time, even longer than that. When he is angry.

He becomes the ball of fire. His eyes burn his muscle twitch and he is ready to give vent to his anger everywhere. The first victim of his anger is my elder brother. Papa catches him by the ear and pulls it so hard that he starts crying. If the mother is around she will jump in the fray. She will save him at the risk of getting beaten herself. My turn came only once. I had secured a big zero in mathematics and added the figure eight raising it to eighty.

My father was very happy to see the support card and promised to buy me a new bat. Suddenly the bell rang and my teacher spoke on the other side. He had knowingly awarded me zero because he wanted to give me tuition. I do not know what transpired between them. I heard my papa saying that in the report book it is eighty. I wanted to jump over the wall or escape in any other direction. There was no help around. Mother had gone to the market. Elder brother was also not at home. I was caught unaware.

My father banged the receiver and called for me angrily. I was already in the bath room and had decided not to open it till mother was back home. My father kicked the door angrily and it opened. I feel a burning sensation in my ear when I write these lines. No one could same me from his anger. My mother had to apply all types of first aid to soothe the swelling on my skin. I stayed in bed for a week. In short when the parents are angry the children are their natural victim. First they beat them and then they love them as well because they do not beat them from heart.
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