To hike means a walk or camp specially taking part in an organized walking for pleasure. From the meaning that is attached to the word. It will be seen that there have been hiking and hikers for centuries amongst us but hiking is a word that hs recently come into use. Although the activity that is represented by it has been there for a long time.

It is true that men and women have gone out on walking tours. The particular form that these have taken in the recent times a peculiar feature of this century. While in previous times a few people would sometimes set out on a walking tour. Now a days it is done on a large scale on a pleasure trip or of Borrow or Stevenson undertaking walking tours. But these people went alone or by two's or three's at the most. And then the two or three people that came together were intimate friends sharing each other's interests and hobbies. Their effort was limited one.

At this time modern hiking is something different. A hiking party may not at all be confined to a few persons nor to those who know each other very well. Very often fifteen or twenty students from a school or a similar number of members a club organize a walking tour. Sometimes the tour is organized through notices put in the press. Some body makes a pan of a hike. Say between Kaghan valley and Murree. And he writes to some daily paper asking for companions who would join him in this tour Persons who have the time. The money and the spirit of adventure that such a walking tour demands write back to the organizer and the party is thus formed and they go on tour.

This is how todays hiking is different from the old type of walking tours. It is planned on a more ambitious scale and there are no nervous fears entertained by the organizers about the similarity of taste and the community of interest of the members concerned. Every kind of person who is interested in hiking can join them.

The hiking days can very well be spent in making new contacts and in understanding new personalities. Thus along with the elementary purpose of hiking namely providing a welcome change for the mind and the body from routine life. We get additional pleasure of stimulating contact with new personalities. The circle of friendship expands and there are more chances for progress.

There are many other advantages there as well. We forget for the time being the worries or our daily life and give ourselves up to the environments in which we live for the days of the party. We have new companions take a different type of food and spend the day in getting newer impressions. Every day we pass through new scenes and come across new adventures. The result is that we provide a very necessary change for our minds and bodies. And treasure up impressions that can serve us for the rest of the year. We collect a lot of new pleasant memories of the year. We collect a lot of new pleasant memories for the future .The past becomes a happy experience.

A modern hike is a very simple affair. Each member of the hiking party carries his personal belongings with hi in a bag or a knapsack. And from the exigencies of the case. He must omit many things that he is normally used to the hike therefore teaches us to restrict our wants and to develop resourcefulness and initiative. We learn to stand and walk on our own feet and develop habits of self reliance. It teaches us unity and we learn how to live together peacefully We learn co operation and discipline. We learn to work together.