Journey itself is a matter of joy but tiresome whether you travel by bus or by train. It is quite difficult but I always prefer to go by train than by bus because it as always interesting and excited.
Last Sunday I go into the train at Lahore. I was bound for Rawalpindi. We passed through an interesting country and had good company throughout. In our compartment we had people of all castes and creed. Even the sweepers were conscious of their equality with others in the train for had they not paid the same fare? They threw the yellow ticket in the face of every one who objected to their sitting on the same bench with him. The railway is indeed a greater leveler. The rich and the poor travel in the same train.

We passed many villages and cities and a glimpse of these we had from a distance invested them with peculiar charm. Fields and gardens with cluster of fruit trees were passed. Birds flitted across the landscape. Tongas driven by weary horses made us sensible of the advantage we had in our conveyance over those less fortunate travelers. The cattle wallowing in muddy tanks the farmers ploughing the fields idle people sitting and smoking under the village tree. The thatched huts, and the mosques were very interesting and picturesque sights. Children made faces at us and women and old men stared at us in wonder. Nor was the company inside less interesting. We had two or three very jolly men who entertained us with songs and witty remarks. We passed cities like Gujranwala and Gujrat which with their lofty buildings turrets and high chimneys appeared to be large and flourishing. At the stations of these cities only there was crowd of people who wanted to board the train.

We changed at jhelum we found ourselves now in a different world among people who spoke a different language and wore a different dress. The rush was very great but be managed to make our way into a second class compartment reserved for the servants of first class passengers. The tunnels in the hills through which we passed gave us an idea of the wonderful achievements of modern engineering science. The train was going up hill. It rollicked on the rails on the brink of steep hills and our hearts trembled lest one inch this side or that might hurl us down to eternity but the train moved on heedless of any danger and we reached Rawalpindi safe and sound. It was a memorable journey.