The real purpose of science was to conquer and harness the forces of nature for the good of man. It was considered to be the harbinger of all comfort progress and prosperity. Today it is looked upon any some as the chief cause of our sufferings. They have reasons to conclude that all is not well with science and its applications. Pure science is a search for truth and as such no fault finding is possible with it.

The position however is different in regard to the application of science in the field of practical activity. History shows that the application of science has not always been governed by the principle of justice. Albert Einstein once said Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it.

The last century witnessed the invention of steam locomotives oil engines and other machines. Consequently heavy industries of iron, coal, cloth came to be set up. Production of things increased rapidly and their quality also improved a great deal. It was claimed that the physical labour was taken off the shoulders of man and shifted to machines. But industrialism brought new trouble. It dealt a death blow to cottage industry and the result was a large scale unemployment. It brought into being the tyranny of capital over labour. The rich gained much and the poor were exploited. Strikes and lock outs became the order of the day.

Application of machinery to the service of man resulted in more evil than good. Even today the conditions are not better. There is discontentment and friction. Prices are soaring high and the buying power is lowering. There is a plenty of misery poverty starvation in the modern world. Search for raw material and new markets becomes a cause of was instead of peace we get tension.

Today moral and ethical values of life are considered to be the things of the past. The sanctity of joint family has been violated. Art and literature has come under influence of mechanization. People have come to haave new medicines and better surgical aid but all that was not promoted a better standard of health. More food is grown but all is stored. Poverty and hunger have prevailed ignorance and disease still exist while millions of dollars are spent on travel to the moon. Hurry and worry are eating away the modern man. Corruption and adulteration are the gifts of science. Life on the whole has become highly artificial.

Science has done the greatest harm to mankind in the field of armament. The invention of gun powder was hailed as a great achievement. But with the passage of time it was perfected in a hundred new weapons. Today artillery gun fire, shells and bombs have become a hellish terror to everybody. Atom bomb, Hydrogen bomb, Cobalt and Nitrogen Bombs are various gases are very destructive powers.
As a result modern man is more worried more unhappy and poorer than his fellows in the past. Now life is a drudgery for him and it is all due to the wrong use of science. It is not wrong to say that science is a curse in this regard.

Science Is A Curse

Science Is A Curse Science Is A Curse Science Is A Curse Science Is A Curse