Education Notes

Education Notes

The fg Study Team Arrange The best Education notes For our respective members۔you can see and get the Education Notes for Several different classes.

MA English Part 2 Notes

MA Urdu Part 2

Jadeed Adab
Iqbal Ka Khasoosi Mutalia
Almi Classic Taarufi Mutalaa
Hali Akbar ka Khasoosi Mutalia
Mir Ghalib Shaeree Khususi Mutalaa

Economics Part 1

Microeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic Theory
Mathematical Economic
Statistics Economist
Islamic Economics
Major Issues Pakistan Economy

Economics Part 2

International Trade Theory
Econometrics Theory Application
Development Economics
Research Methodology
Monetary Theory Policy
Agricultural Economics
Labour Economics


Research Methodology Historiography
Later Mughals British India
Muslim Rule in India

MA Political Sci Part 1

Western Political Thought Book 1
Western Political Thought Book 2
Western Political Thought Book 3
Muslim Political Thought Book 1
Muslim Political Thought Book 2
Muslim Political Thought Book 3
Comparative Developmental Politics Book 1
Comparative Developmental Politics Book 2
Comparative Developmental Politics Book 3
International Relations Book 1
International Relations Book 2
Dynamics Politics in Pakistan Book 1
Dynamics Politics in Pakistan Book 2
Dynamics Politics in Pakistan Book 3

MA Political Sci Part 2

Comparative Political Systems
Pakistan Movement
External Relations of Pakistan

MA Islamiat Part 1

Al Quran Al Hakeem
Al Hadith Al Sharif
Comparative Study of Religion
Islamic History
Arabic Language Literature

MA Islamiat Part 2

Dawa wa Irshad
AL Fiqah wa uloom
Islam Modern Social Thoughts
Islam Modern Economics Thoughts
Islam and Science

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